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Fincross is developing a secure custodial application for crypto assets, security tokens, stablecoins and utility tokens being stored and transferred on Finex. This application will consist of:

Hot & Cold Storage

Users will be able to easily move their digital assets between hot wallets and cold storage. Users can also specify rules for withdrawals and outgoing transfers from each address, such as amount limits, whitelisted addresses and multi-signature authentication.


Users will be able to stake FNX tokens and other applicable non-native digital assets in order to generate a yield on their deposits.


Users will be able to use our Smart Contract Builder tool to easily customize, register and execute smart contracts for digital asset escrow requirements from a library of audited smart contract templates created by Fincross.

The design of our custodial application supports international compliance recommendations proposed by the Financial Action Task Force - FATF - regarding the custody and transfer of digital assets.