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Token Issuance

Fincross is developing a multi-purpose application on Finex for token issuers, which will leverage the unique components and FRC token protocol standards to significantly reduce the complexity, time and cost of constructing, issuing and managing security tokens, stablecoins and utility tokens compared with contemporary solutions. Crucially, our application will enable issuers to construct and manage bespoke tokens in compliance with applicable laws and make token offerings available to applicable users on Finex. This application will consist of:

Token Customization

Issuers will be able to use our FRC Token Builder tool to easily construct bespoke security tokens, stablecoins and utility tokens. Undergoing a step-by-step process, our FRC Token Builder will prompt the issuer to submit a selection of mandatory and optional variables in order to automatically program the desired token of the issuer. To do so, the application will access our library of compliant FRC token protocol standards that function as easy-to-customize templates for various types of security tokens, stablecoins and utility tokens.

Issuance & Distribution

Issuers and broker dealers will be able to issue and distribute token offerings via a portal that can be accessed only by applicable users on Finex. This portal will categorize and list all active token offerings on Finex.

Token Management

In some cases, tokens may feature functionality that requires issuers to distribute dividends to token holders, update cap tables, perform polls and more. Issuers will be able to manage these functionalities via the token management portal of our application.

We firmly believe that capital markets will be transformed by tokenization and blockchain technology. Stocks, bonds, options, debt, structured products and other financial assets will be tokenized and trading atop blockchain infrastructure. Nasdaq is a prime example of a company that has been speeding ahead towards a blockchain future with its proprietary platform, Nasdaq Linq, which performs private financial transactions using blockchain technology.