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Digital Asset Services

A large number of our products and services rely on our distributed banking network, Fincross Squared, and proprietary core banking infrastructure. We believe the adoption of distributed ledger technology - DLT - will be instrumental to the existence, transparency and profitability of almost all financial institutions in the future. Our firm is leveraging innovations in fintech and DLT to provide financial services and investment products via a distributed and open architecture.

Digital Asset Custody

Our firm will offer clients a 24/7 digital asset custody solution that is compliant with the world's first regulatory framework dedicated to the custody of digital assets.

To date, the compliance teams of several institutional investors have blocked fund managers from investing in digital assets and relying on custodians that are not performing the custody of digital assets in accordance with a legal framework. In 2019, Fincross International will become one of the world's first financial institutions to secure a license for the custody of digital assets and comply with the regulatory framework of the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius.

Our digital asset custody solution will operate on a 24/7 basis via our distributed core banking infrastructure with servers and vault facilities in a number of jurisdictions. This solution has been purpose built for day traders as well as buy-and-hold investors.

For more information about our digital asset custody services, please contact us.

P2P Finance

With the rise in use of digital platforms for a multitude of tasks, society is experiencing an unrelenting shift towards P2P platforms. This trend is widely expected to continue and significantly impact many areas of the financial services industry. As distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, virtual banking and open APIs are becoming adopted by a growing number of financial institutions and fintech companies, P2P finance solutions, products and services have been on the rise.

In 2019, our firm will launch Fincross Squared, a distributed banking network that is being developed to handle P2P transactions and settlement in an open architecture. Our firm, our clients, our partners and service providers will be able to access, integrate and create smart contracts via Fincross Squared to perform a multitude of tasks ranging from P2P lending, trade finance and multi-party escrow to launching and running security tokens on our network.

Thanks to Fincross Squared, P2P finance will be made possible in a compliant and whitelisted ecosystem.

For more information about P2P finance use cases via Fincross Squared, please contact us.

Escrow & Staking

In addition to our digital asset custody solution, we will provide escrow and staking services to clients dealing with digital assets.

We will perform know-your-customer - KYC - checks on each participant taking part in an escrow related transaction. We will structure escrow accounts and integrate them with a smart contract we create to execute the required transaction(s) on behalf of the escrow participants.

For clients that wish to stake applicable crypto assets and generate a yield by staking their asset, clients will be able to deploy their assets into our proof of stake pools via our online client platform.

For more information about escrow and staking, please contact us.