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Investment Management

We invest our capital alongside our clients' capital, while offering and distributing a range of digital asset investment products for institutional, corporate, intermediary and individual clients.

Digital Asset Trade Desk

For investors trading and investing in digital assets, we will provide a 24/7 trade desk to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and security tokens via our client platform or over-the-counter. By aggregating a number of liquidity pools via APIs with a number of reputable exchanges, we will be able to execute small and large size orders for the most popular cryptocurrencies and security tokens between fiat / crypto / security tokens.

Our digital asset trade desk and supporting technologies are being built with the demands of institutional investors in mind. We understand the vital importance of execution speed, compliance and risk management, audit trails and reporting, and the need to have immediate 24/7 access to amending active orders, which is why we are developing our Core Banking Software - CBS - for Digital Assets with all of these priorities at the front and center of our solution for traders.

For more information about our digital asset trade desk and our CBS, please contact us.

Investment Products

For investors seeking new investment products ranging from security tokens to niche investment funds and Bitcoin options, we will distribute a variety of attractive investment products.

Inspired by the Apple App Store, we will launch a marketplace via our client platform for investors to view and buy investment products in fiat / cryptocurrency. In addition to distributing our own products via this marketplace, we will also distribute a number of unique products from trusted partners. We will provide detailed information, analysis and supporting legal documentation for each product so that investors can efficiently browse, compare and buy products all under one roof.

For investors that wish to sell products that they own, they will be able to make a request to list their product by contacting our investment team via the Direct Message portal on our client platform.

For investors seeking investment advisory services regarding digital assets and investment products available via our marketplace, our investment advisors will provide the client with proprietary research and advice in keeping with the investment objectives and risk appetite of the client.

For more information about our marketplace and investment advisory services, please contact us.

Portfolio Management

We recognize the challenges of managing a portfolio of digital assets in volatile markets and managing a balanced portfolio of traditional and digital assets. Utilizing proprietary robo advisors and risk management tools, our investment team is able to advise and execute orders on the market in accordance with the tailored investment mandate and risk appetite of our clients.

For more information regarding portfolio management, please contact us.