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FNX Token

FNX is the fuel that will power all functions on the Finex blockchain as well as the wider ecosystem running atop of the Finex. The main purpose of FNX is to act as a frictionless digital mechanism for Finex users to access and use the various financial applications running on Finex. Moreover, FNX is structured to incentivize and reward stakeholders to validate the network and/or launch their own financial applications on Finex.

FNX will provide real-world utility to Finex users through the digital good offered by the token. In turn, user demand for financial applications on Finex will create utility and demand for FNX, which may affect the token price, velocity and ultimate network value.

FNX token holders will accrue utility in 2 distinct areas:

Network Utility

  • Fuel to register digital assets
  • Fuel to execute transactions
  • Fuel to register/execute smart contracts
  • Fuel to acquire decentralized network storage
  • Staking / network bandwidth
  • Network voting power

Application Utility

  • Access/discount power for products/services
  • Interest payments for smart contract loans

The above list is not exhaustive and we expect the network will invent other uses for FNX over time.